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Reading is a journey we often take for enjoyment, and the path we choose is different for all of us. Some of us tend toward nonfiction to fulfill our desire to learn more about the world we live in; some of us escape to fictional stories or fantastical tales. The spectrum between and beyond these types of books is vast, filled with poetry, short stories, science fiction, mystery, and biographies, along with the books that push genres to new areas.

Working as a librarian, I’m afforded the opportunity every day to hear how much someone enjoyed a book, discovered a new favorite author or series, or couldn’t believe what they had just spent the last few days reading. Standing at the circulation desk and having these conversations has made me curious about these books, and for that reason I’m reading only books that have been recommended to me for all of 2021.

I invite you to join me on my reading journey this year and share your own thoughts on these books and the ones you choose to read in 2021.

Latest from the Blog

“Just Mercy: A story of justice and redemption” by Bryan Stevenson

Today, on July 4, many Americans will celebrate America’s independence from Britain, a part of this country’s history. Some say to “never forget” the events that led to our freedom. Meanwhile, there is a push by some to absolutely forget another part of our history, when white peoples’ inhuman and degrading treatment of black peopleContinue reading ““Just Mercy: A story of justice and redemption” by Bryan Stevenson”

“The Hummingbirds’ Gift: Wonder, Beauty, and Renewal on Wings” by Sy Montgomery

In less than 100 pages, “The Hummingbirds’ Gift” by New Hampshire author Sy Montgomery recounts her experience helping to rehabilitate two infant Allen’s hummingbirds. The story of the hummingbirds begins with Montgomery detailing the wonders of the small birds, from their legs being thinner than toothpicks to their bodies being largely made of air. SheContinue reading ““The Hummingbirds’ Gift: Wonder, Beauty, and Renewal on Wings” by Sy Montgomery”

“The Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek” by Kim Michele Richardson

In the quiet, rugged mountains of eastern Kentucky sits Troublesome Creek. Life is simple, yet not easy, for those who choose to make their home there. Men work as coal miners, children are hungry, and anyone who is not white is treated as inferior. Set in these hills, “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek” tellsContinue reading ““The Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek” by Kim Michele Richardson”

“Talking To Strangers: What we should know about the people we don’t know” by Malcom Gladwell

In his most recent book, “Talking to Strangers,” published in 2019, Malcom Gladwell tells us just how bad we are at communicating. He shows us that our instincts can be wildly off-base, that our tendency to give people the benefit of the doubt is riskier than we ever imagined, and that social cues are notContinue reading ““Talking To Strangers: What we should know about the people we don’t know” by Malcom Gladwell”

Outtakes: More (excellent) Librarian Recommendations

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” -Charles W. Eliot, from “The Happy Life.” I dare say the same could be said about librarians. I mentioned in an earlier post that I received a tremendous response from otherContinue reading “Outtakes: More (excellent) Librarian Recommendations”

Librarian Recommendations

As part of my year of reading recommendations, I asked the wonderfully helpful and well-read community of New Hampshire librarians to offer up recommended titles for the Third Monday book group I lead at the Minot-Sleeper Library. The responses I received – more than I could have hoped for! – were terrific suggestions. This isContinue reading “Librarian Recommendations”

“A Gentleman In Moscow” by Amor Towles

Justifiably, “A Gentleman In Moscow” has been recommended to me by dozens of library patrons over the past couple of years. It has had its place on numerous bestsellers and best-books-of-the-year lists. Kirkus Reviews describes the novel as “A masterly encapsulation of modern Russian history, this book more than fulfills the promise of Towles’ stylishContinue reading ““A Gentleman In Moscow” by Amor Towles”

“Where You’ll Find Me: Risk, Decisions, and the Last Climb of Kate Matrosova” by Ty Gagne

“Where You’ll Find Me: Risk, Decision, and the Last Climb of Kate Matrosova” by Ty Gagne was the first book suggested to me for my year of recommended reading. The suggestion came from a woman who I have come to know over the years through the library. She said she believed I would enjoy theContinue reading ““Where You’ll Find Me: Risk, Decisions, and the Last Climb of Kate Matrosova” by Ty Gagne”